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College and Career Connections

17 days ago

Earn College Credit while in High School !


Farmington High School students who are enrolled or have taken certain high school courses (Technical Advanced Placement courses) can earn college credit, “free of charge”, and begin working towards an Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) in Bentonville, Arkansas or a *Certificate Program at Northwest Technical Institute (NTI) in Springdale, Arkansas.  You must earn an “A” or “B” in the course to receive the college credit and enroll at NWACC or NTI within 18 months after high school graduation.


What is an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree and a Certificate Program?

These degrees are designed for students seeking to have concentrated training in a chosen career area to enter the workforce directly after graduation.  An A.A.S. degree offers general education courses plus a combination of professional courses with different emphasis depending on the career area.  This degree is designed for employment purposes and it should not be assumed that the degree or the Technical Advanced Placement courses can be transferred to another institution. *NTI Certificate Programs are designed to train for entry-level positions in the work force, or to upgrade the skills of those currently working.


The benefits of Technical Advanced Placement:

·                      You are not required to repeat courses in college that were mastered in high school.

·                      You are able to complete your A.A.S. degree in a shorter period of time.

·                      You can enroll in more advanced courses when you begin at NWACC or NTI.

·                      You can save a huge amount in tuition, books, and time toward your college education - it is just as if you have already earned a scholarship!


What courses are available for Technical Advanced Placement with NWACC?

Computer Technology: Business Applications    CISQ 1103 Intro. to Comp. Info                      3 hours

Computer Technology: Introduction                              OFSM 2713 Word Proc. I                   3 hours

Desktop Publishing                                                       OFSM 2903 Desktop Publishing          3 hours

Word Processing I                                                        OFSM 2713 Word Processing I           3 hours

Word Processing II                                                      OFSM 2723 Word Processing II         3 hours

Childcare Guidance                                                      CHED 1003 Foundations & Theories

                                                                                           In Early Childhood Educ.               3 hours

Child Development/ Parenting                                        Childcare Elective                                3 hours


What courses are available for Technical Advanced Placement with NTI?

Accounting I (2 semesters)                                 BUS 1123 Accounting I/Lab                           3 hours

Keyboarding & Keyboarding Applications         BUS 1204 Keyboarding/Lab                           4 hours

Computer Business Applications                        CIS 1303 Intro. to Computers                         3 hours

Desktop Publishing I & II                                  CIS 1403 Desktop Publishing                          3 hours

Word Processing I & II                                     CIS 1503 Word/Information Proc.                  3 hours   


For more information, contact your TAP course instructor or Jackie New, Director of College & Career Connections, at 479-444-3058, extension 104 or

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